embrace the weird, dude. enjoy it because it's never going away

I really just want to continue to challenge myself. And I want to continue to grow as an artist. I never want to stop.


i want a relationship but i want them to be like a friend to me, i dont want the relationship to be all about kissing, making out and sex i just wanna hang out with them, and go places, and just have fun wherever we go


affection is dumb and gross 
drown me in it


I love how Eaddy Mays and Orny Adams and Melissa Ponzio all have tumblr and read fanfiction and linden ashby and ian bohen and jr bourne are all up on twitter making dad jokes and being silly but when it comes to the younger cast members and social media it’s like trying to find a needle ina  haystack.

the worst feeling is when you’re close to someone but they have someone who they will always like more than they like you 

do u ever feel like no one actually wants to talk to you or even likes you

I can’t picture anyone daydreaming about me. I can’t picture someone thinking about me when they’re laying in bed before they fall asleep. I can’t picture anyone telling their friends about me. I can’t picture anyone getting butterflies because I hugged them, or even just because I made eye contact with them. I can’t picture someone smiling because my name lit up their phone. I just can’t.